Between Here and There

Between Here and There
9 in. x 12 in.
Wax on paper
prison Artist
Prison eV
2018 Exhibition
Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, Vaduz, GER

The international art competition, attracting contributions from across the world, showcased Between Here and There by C-Note, a moving piece that delves into themes of lost innocence and the harsh reality of imprisonment, portraying the vivid contrast between a woman’s current state of confinement and her past freedom as a child.

Hosted by Art and Prison eV, the 4th international competition became a platform for incarcerated artists worldwide, amassing an impressive 371 works from 23 countries. This collection served as a testament to the enduring nature of creativity, even in the most restrictive environments.

The competition’s central theme, “Between Here and There,” found a profound echo in the work of American prison artist C-Note. His entry, titled Between Here and There (2017), poignantly explores the journey from innocence to incarceration. The artwork, split into two panels, contrasts the image of a woman behind bars with a young girl joyfully skipping rope, offering a heartbreaking glimpse into the transformation of the same individual at different life stages.

C-Note’s artwork powerfully communicates the sorrow of unfulfilled potential. The portrayal underscores a harsh reality: no child dreams of a future behind bars. Instead, it vividly captures the drastic shift from the liberty of youth to the restrictions of adult life within prison walls.

Reflecting the ethos of the wider “Between Here and There” exhibition, which debuted in Liechtenstein in 2018, C-Note’s work invites viewers to reflect on the intricate backstories and personal narratives that accompany the experience of incarceration.

Embrace the profound narrative of “Between Here and There”

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