Black August-Los Angeles (Paintoem)

Black August -Los Angeles (Paintoem)
Prison Artist

Black August-Los Angeles emerged as a significant piece by C-Note, heralding his foray into political art, influenced by the 2016 Black August celebrations in Los Angeles.


Shot down in cold blood

it was the blood of a Jackson

and I don’t mean Michael

that calls us to action

Our epiloguest

Right after Juneteenth

Black August


Poem by: C-Note

Painting by: C-Note

This profound piece, starting as an art piece and evolving into a poem, intertwines strong symbolism.


Beyoncé’s Formation: Represents modern Black awareness.

George Jackson and Hugo “Yogi” Pinell: Their deaths, as prison reform advocates, spurred activism.

Michael Brown and Ezell Ford: Their tragic deaths at the hands of police highlight the ongoing struggle against systemic injustice.

CCWP and Los Angeles Women’s Center: Focuses on the plight of incarcerated women and systemic failures.

The Raised Fist: Universally recognized as an emblem of defiance and resilience.

Mundo Sin Jaulas: Supports the movement for the rights of Brown people and envisions a society free from oppression.

The artwork and poem together create a compelling narrative, connecting contemporary struggles for Black consciousness and justice to historical moments of resistance and liberation. This Paintoem not only commemorates but also challenges viewers to reflect on the ongoing fight for justice and equality.

Celebrate the power of political art by owning a piece of resistance

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