Black Love Matters

Black Love Matters
5 in. x 7 in.
Collage and ink on paper
Prison Artist
2015 Exhibition
Prison Cell, Los Angeles, California, USA
2021 Exhibition
1-Artist; 1-Subject; 21-Works, Global-internet

Donald “C-Note” Hooker’s Black Love Matters (2015), explores the deep bond between incarcerated Black men and the free Black women navigating the era of mass incarceration.

As a prominent piece within the Neo Jim Crow Art movement, it reflects the voices of African Americans imprisoned under an oppressive system.

C-Note generously donated Black Love Matters to Critical Resistance, a group committed to ending the prison industrial complex. The artwork draws a parallel with the Black Lives Matter movement, underscoring the significance of love and unity in the Black community against divisive forces.

Insight into the Artwork

Originally, Black Love Matters was crafted as a visual counterpart to C-Note’s narrative poem, It Must End! (BLACK FEMALE BOYCOTTS AGAINST BLACK MEN IN THE PEN). Its title and theme matured through contemplation on potential interpretations by broader audiences and the digital sphere.

The artwork utilizes collage to intricately weave the complex themes presented in the poem. It features ink-rendered prison bars, symbolizing a common material in prison art. C-Note consciously chose to depict a dark-skinned Black woman, challenging and celebrating the diversity of Black beauty beyond traditional preferences for lighter skin. This choice was deeply personal, aiming to honor the intrinsic beauty of all Black women.

C-Note’s artistic endeavors offer critical insights into the Black experience within America’s prison system, marking a significant contribution to the Neo Jim Crow Art narrative. Recognizing the importance of Black Love Matters, Critical Resistance decided to return the piece to C-Note, advocating for support towards their mission to dismantle the prison industrial complex.

Empower Black Love and Unity

By acquiring a Black Love Matters art print, you’re elevating C-Note’s impactful narrative within the Neo Jim Crow Art movement and supporting the ongoing struggle against mass incarceration. Embrace this powerful statement of Black unity and resilience. Your purchase not only celebrates Black love but also contributes to a broader movement for social justice – click on the image below to join 👇

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