Da Muslima (The Muslim Women)

Da Muslima (The Muslim Women)
Late 2000s
5 in. x 7 in.
Ink and wax on paper
Prison Artist
2015 Exhibition
Prison Cell, Los Angeles, California, USA
2016 Exhibition
Escaping Time, Governor’s Island, New York, USA

Da Muslima (The Muslim Women) is a captivating mixed media artwork where C-Note masterfully blends a variety of artistic influences. 

The use of wax and ink by C-Note creates a layered visual texture, while the prominent white headwrap, illuminated similarly to Johannes Vermeer’s famous Girl with a Pearl Earring stands as a profound symbol. This piece honors African American Muslims in the United States, weaving together elements from Western art traditions and modern-day realities.

Experience the profound symbolism of “Da Muslima (The Muslim Women)” in your space. 

This compelling art print pays tribute to the resilience and beauty of African American Muslims, offering a piece that bridges historical and contemporary narratives. Click on the image below to discover more 👇

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