God Is A Woman

God Is A Woman
12 in. x 9 in.
Wax on paper
prison Artist
book Cover
God Is A Woman

Inspired by Ariana Grande’s hit song God Is A Woman, C-Note’s creation intertwines the song’s themes of divine femininity with a narrative on how imprisonment affects memory. 

The inception of God Is A Woman traces back to a sketch by the Revolutionary Prison Artist Joedee, illustrating a couple’s romantic embrace against a backdrop of prison bars. Seeking a more ethereal atmosphere, C-Note envisioned a celestial embrace, enhancing the romanticism with a cosmic twist.

As Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman debuted, its portrayal of a divine female essence and controversial ideas about angels and heaven stirred the pot, echoing the radical sentiments C-Note aimed to express. Despite his apprehensions about potential backlash for blasphemous content, C-Note found an opportunity to share his provocative thoughts through a short story for the Columbia Journal’s 57th Issue, part of its Incarcerated Writers Initiative.

C-Note’s narrative, also named God Is A Woman, dives into the psyche of prisoners long confined, questioning the fate of their dormant memories. Originally written in anticipation of controversy, the story draws from an earlier work by C-Note, sharing thematic parallels with Grande’s song. This tale, coupled with his later reflections on a tweet by comedian Pete Davidson that hinted at personal turmoil following his breakup with Grande, serves as a complex commentary on love, loss, and the quest for meaning.

God Is A Woman, both the artwork and the short story, probe deep into themes of love, sacrifice, and the quest for divine connection, encapsulated in a prisoner’s tragic tale influenced by the haunting past memory stories from the film The Red Violin and the provocative lyrics of Grande’s song. 

In January 2024, following a groundbreaking interview on Club Shay Shay that set a new record as YouTube’s most-watched interview, Katt Williams, in a discussion with Cari Champion on YouTube, validated the Biblical allusion made by C-Note. He articulated that angels, embodying the form of men on Earth, pursued a singular experience – to immerse in the profound love found within a woman’s embrace.

If the aliens came to this planet and they say who created everybody on this planet, until they meet God they will say the woman, correct? Which is why in everybody’s religious books the woman is the end all and be all of all things. Even if it’s Adam and Eve or if it’s God and the Devil got in a fight and Satan got thrown down here. Okay, so Satan and the demons came down to the Earth and they could have had anything on the Earth but all they wanted was pussy and nobody’s book says they wanted anything other than that. There were never any stories of diamonds or gold or oil or anything being valuable to anybody Supernatural except women.

-Katt Williams

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Dive into the mesmerizing world of C-Note’s “God Is A Woman,” a short story that weaves together divine femininity, the complexities of love, and the haunting shadows of incarceration

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