My Ebony Valentine


In hues of melanin, our love story starts,

A melody of souls, entwined like braided hearts.

My Ebony Valentine, whispered on this day,

For you, love lights the way.

Your laughter, a symphony, my spirit’s delight,

Eyes like starlight, chasing back the night.

From sun-kissed skin to fierce, resilient grace,

In your embrace, I find my sacred space.

Beyond the roses, past the chocolates’ gleam,

Our love’s a fortress, a defiant dream.

We rise above whispers, prejudice untold,

Hand in hand, our love story unfolds.

Through laughter’s echoes and tear-stained scars,

Our love endures, defying distant stars.

Ebony skin, Ebony joy, a love that sets us free,

A testament to the world, for all to see.

So Happy Valentine’s, my melanin muse,

Our love transcends, forever it imbues.

In every beat of my heart, your name I’ll sing,

My Ebony Valentine, forever rings.

by Donald “C-Note” Hooker

©2024 Donald “C-Note” Hooker. All rights reserved.